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Top Ten Largest Growth Occupations
From Alison Doyle,

There are not all the most prestigious jobs, but, they are the ones with the highest number of projected new workers. There isn't any one category that will contain the most growth, rather the list is a cross-section of industries, including education, hospitality, and health. Retail leads the list with an increase of 736,000 new jobs by 2014. 703,000 registered nurses will be needed, along with 524,000 post-secondary teachers.
The 10 Occupations with the Largest Job Growth: 2004 - 2014

Retail salespersons
Registered nurses
Postsecondary teachers
Customer service representatives
Janitors and cleaners
Waiters and waitresses
Combined food preparation and serving workers
Home health aides [ Read Full Article Here ]

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